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Lone Hunter

The open Western plains were vast and lonely for the hide hunters who spent most of their time searching for bands of buffalo. Once the animals were located, the hunter spent sometimes hours, stalking to a position from where he could shoot enough buffalo to keep the skinning crew busy for a day.

Here depicted is a hunter who has positioned himself far enough away from the herd so as not to alarm them. With his ammunition belt handy and using cross rest sticks to help steady his heavy Sharps rifle, the hunter takes aim for his next shot. The herd of buffalo would generally mill around nervously when they first hear the gun shots. As the shooting continues, the animals finally spook from the loud gun-shots and run off. In the mean time, the hunter will have downed several or maybe even several dozen animals, leaving his skinners with plenty of work when they arrive on the scene after the shooting has stopped.

Edition of 350 prints:

  • Color print on heavy weight paper, 13"x10" image area color: $50.00

  • Giclée print on water color paper, 16"x12" image area: $100.00

  • Giclée print on canvas
    16"x12": $150.00
    (also available on canvas, stretched ready to frame: $180.00)

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