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For those shooters interested in keeping their shooting records in a more permanent, spiral-bound book form,
Wright Galleries offers
Loading and Shooting Schuetzen Rifles,
Shooter’s Record Book

This book contains an instruction page, offering useful hints on how to get the most from the data you keep, plus 60 pages of forms using the standard German Ring Target for documenting your shooting results. Included with the book is a separate Shooter’s Target Pad of 50 target sheets for keeping track of your shots when time constraints don’t allow the leisure of filling out the full form, such as when you are shooting in a match. Marking your shots on the pad as you shoot, can help prevent throwing an extra shot on a match target because you lost count of the number of shots taken. The target pads are also available separately.

Loading and Shooting
Schuetzen Rifles

Shooter’s Record Book

  • Instruction page
  • 60 Pages of target forms
  • Size 5.5” X 8”
  • Spiral bound
  • Plus a separate pad of 50 target forms
  • Book plus one pad of targets $12.00
  • Shipping $4.00

Shooter’s Target Pad

  • Same target form as book
  • 50 Pages of target forms per pad
  • Size 4.25” X 5.5”
  • Simple tear-off target pages
  • Package of 3 pads $4.00
  • Shipping $1.50




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