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JV 44 Protection Flight

Fw190D fighters flying top cover for Me 262 jet fighters of the legendary "Group of Aces", JV 44 in the Spring of 1945. The jets were relatively slow to gain airspeed during takeoff and climb-out and therefore somewhat vulnerable to Allied fighters at those times. The Fw190 fighter's mission was to take off just prior to the jets and climb to an altitude and position to protect the jets as they departed on their missions. The reverse was true when the jets returned to the airfield. The Fw190's were again positioned to cover landing operations.

There were perhaps five (records are sketchy) of these Fw190D fighters assigned to JV44 during the final few weeks of WWII. The red undersides with white stripes were painted on so local anti aircraft batteries would not mistake them for Allied fighters.

Edition total of 200 prints. Available in several sizes:

  • Print on medium weight paper, 16"x20": $65.00

  • Giclée print on water color paper, 16"x20": $140.00

  • Giclée print on canvas, 16"x24": $300.00
    (also available stretched ready to frame: $350.00)

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