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Approaching Storm

Fw190A-8R-8 "Sturmbock" fighters of 5./(Sturm)JG4 are depicted during their September 27, 1944 combat with B-24 bombers of the 445th Bomb Group, 8th Air Force over Eisenbach, Germany. Account details vary but during a violent 3-minute attack, the 445th had 25 of the 35 bomber formation, shot down by the German fighters. Another six were so badly damaged, they either crash landed or made emergency landings at alternate fields, leaving only four bombers to return to base that day. This was the highest lost-rate suffered by any U.S. bomber group on a single mission during the war. The engagement however, was not entirely one-sided. P-51 Mustangs of the 361st Fighter Group's 375th Fighter Squadron, arrived on the scene just in time to prevent the annihilation of the 445th. The 375th was credited with shooting down 18 Luftwaffe aircraft that day.

The term Sturmbock literally translates into "ram (or buck) storm". The term is analogous to a battering ram or an armored knight. Fw190A-8 fighters were modified into Sturmbock bomber interceptors with the addition of extra armor plating and heavy front windscreen glass to help protect the pilots from the bomber’s defensive fire. The MG 151, 20mm cannons normally mounted in both outboard wing stations, were replaced by 30mm, Mk 108 cannons. Their mission was to close with the bombers, generally from astern, maneuver into firing position, then unleash a burst of 30mm cannon fire. While delivering this close-range fire was hazardous in the extreme, it only took a few hits from these fearsome weapons to bring down a four-engine bomber.
This scene depicts a wave of JG4's, Fw190 Sturmbock fighters as they are about to strike the B-24 bomber formation at close range.

Edition total of 350 prints. Available in several sizes:

  • Giclée print on water color paper, 16"x28": $150.00

  • Giclée print on canvas, starting at: $400.00
    16"x32", 18"x36, or 24"x48"
    (canvas Giclée prints also available stretched ready to frame)

Custom sizes also available.

Aviation Gallery

All Images Original © 2004 Randolph S. Wright

Standard image, left, depicts the Focke Wolfs just as they are about to wreak havoc on the bomber formation. If you would like something that adds even more drama to this scene, the artwork may be ordered with the foremost Fw190 (White 20) firing its wing-mounted cannons at the nearest B-24 bomber. The detail below shows what this adds to the scene. This feature can be added at the purchaser's request and does not affect the overall print run which will still be limited to 350 total images. There is an additional charge for this feature, please contact the artist for pricing.

Aviation Gallery