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One Run, No Hits, Just Air

An Fw190A-7 of 1./JG1 roars through a B-17 bomber box after making a head-on approach for which the jagdgeschwader was noted. On this occasion, the pilot miss-judged his approach, resulting in an attack run that brought no hits on the B-17 and only empty air for the Focke Wulf as it passed through the bomber box.

Edition total of 350 prints signed and numbered by the artist. Available in several sizes:

  • Giclée print on water color paper, 16"x28": $130.00

  • Giclée print on canvas, starting at: $400.00
    16"x16", 18"x18, or 24"x24"
    (canvas Giclée prints also available stretched ready to frame)
    Custom sizes also available.

    Aviation Gallery

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